Friday, June 02, 2006

GIS Conference Follow Up

Here is the list of links from my presentation yesterday at the Delaware Geographic Data Committee Conference.


Later today, I will post procedures for how to do:


  1. New 2007 SHP reference
  2. New 2007 theming
  3. “Old School” Theming
  4. Polygon Topology and Overlay Polygon Topology


Any more requests?  Post a comment.


The National Map

I used it to find out the names of my 1:250 USGS Quads


Geospatial One Stop

I used it to get the National Wetlands Inventories for my Quads


Delaware DataMIL

I used it to get Municipal Boundaries, State Boundaries and others , specifically:


Sussex County, Delware

I used it to get parcel polygons for Sussex County tax parcels , specifically:


National CAD Standards

This came up in my afternoon “CAD and GIS working together” Session







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