Thursday, June 22, 2006

Bloglines: Keep up with your favorite blogs, without special software

I am pretty new to the whole reading of blogs thing, and I found it to be a bit cumbersome to sit down with my cuppa joe every AM and go to 5 webpages or more just to "get my blog fix"

I tried a few RSS and newsreaders, but I never found one that quite did what I needed it to do.

Recently, I found

It is free, and I can tell it which blogs I want to follow. So I just that to my home page and every time I open Internet Explorer, I can see who has posted and read it right there.

Check it out!


R.K. McSwain said...

For another point of view, see

Anonymous said...

try JetBrains Omea Reader

I have 12 blogs on ACAD/Civil 3D and it updates the blogs automatically. Also a good way to keep track of discussion group

David Dixon said...

Have you tried to use the Opera Web browser? It has RSS built-in, as well as other features IE and Firefox do not have. I've been using Opera for the most part of 2006 with great results and no issues. Version 9 was just released this past week. Check it out -

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link. Looks interesting to me. Sent the link to the rest of our Information Systems group to ponder.
From the looks of the comments I have some more to think about.

Dana said...

Great! Thanks for all the feedback! This is new territory for me. I tried Newsgator and didn't like it. I will check out the others!

Bloglines is not perfect, but for now it is better than surfing a million sites.

Mike and Elsy said...

I am impressed with google labs...actually, I am becoming a google fanatic. The more and more I use googles tools, the more impressed I am with all of their stuff. Recently, i loaded google desktop...absolutely incredible how fast you can find documents, emails...darn near anything. it can even search the text inside various files or cad drawings. But google labs is a pretty sweet newsreader. and if you use google as a home page, you can have a googles labs add on to your google homepage. Really cool.