Friday, June 09, 2006

Is this your Town? Tom Goes to the Mayor

Ok, last post of the day. I gotta get a little sleep! But in my late night workings, I often have the TV on for company. And since Adult Swim is on late at night I often get to catch Tom Goes to the Mayor.

Though I cannot be held responsible for the content of the show, despite the fact that I went to High School with "Mayor" and writer Eric Wareheim (yeah, I'm a name dropper), it is worth watching if you happen to be up late at night and are looking for something totally wacky to watch.

There are three reasons I like the show
1) It reminds me of Eric and the goofy films he used to make of us in school including a middle school lip sync version of Jesus Christ Superstar with yours truly playing the role of King Herod.
2) It often features shots of old men sitting around a table at planning commission hearings and involves far fetched development scenarios. The entire town of Jefferton is a mockery of suburban generic america with its dollar stores and sprawl. It is so absurd, but hauntingly true at times.
3) It can be really really funny. (It can also be gross and infantile, so be warned!!)