Sunday, June 04, 2006

Music for the Future Civil 3Diva or Civil 3Dude

Civil 3DHere is my Mom reading Panorama's Favorite Bedtime Story

Since I am always trying to brainwash my 2 year old daughter, Panorama, into becoming an engineer, my eyes are always open ways to expose her to science.

On NPR a few weeks ago, I heard this great song called "Zoom a Little Zoom" about space. It was fun, catchy, very "atomic age". I am addicted to them- it just good music in general.

Right now Panorama is singing along with a song called "Shadow".

I searched high and low and managed to buy the whole series on

It appears that the were only ever recorded on vinyl, but I managed to find someone selling CDs. (I didn't ask how)

Check out Jef's page to listen to MP3 versions