Sunday, June 25, 2006

Civil 3Delicious: Get your late night pick me up with a Midnight Oil Vault Fizzy

If you are like me and learning the proper way to configure Civil 3D 2007 with Vault is keeping you burning the midnight oil- try this jolty yet refreshing beverage:


1) One can Vault Soda
70.5mg caffeine per 12 oz serving
(if Vault is not available in your area, Mountain Dew or Surge would work, but it is not nearly as cool. Note that in Canada Mountain Dew does not have caffeine at my last check)

2) One Scoup Citrus Sherbet (Lime, Lemon, Orange or Mixed)

3) Splash Orange Juice

Get a very large glass. Pour in soda. Splash in Orange Juice. Add Sherbet. Drink with a straw and be prepared not to sleep for a very long time.

While you are up, learn more about Vault and what it can do for you (and if you need it this very second versus planning on using it for the future)

There is a one-stop website that lists Vault Webcasts and White Papers:

White papers include info about running Vault on a WAN vs a LAN, and Data Management.

1 Comment:

Anonymous said...

I would instead recommend Hemlock and Stoly. Equal parts and chilled.
I got to admire your energy.
My views on Vault are probably too well known.