Monday, June 12, 2006

Civil 3D 2007 Service Pack due out this week... and a BUG that got caught in my net this weekend

I wasn't so worried about the Civil 3D 2007 service pack release (scheduled for June 14, 2006) until this weekend. I hadn't noticed any "bugs" aside from some of the maturing features, until today. I had heard grumblings on the discussion group about a few things, but until you find it yourself, you think that just maybe they are crazy.

But I can give you the Civil 3Diva secret handshake that if you get this one, you are not crazy.

BUG: Labels will not autoscale in a viewport if the drawing housing the layers is an XREF.

Example: I make a base plan where I create pipes and manholes and their associated labels. Then I XREF this into a drawing called Sewer. In Sewer, I make a viewport to 1:100 scale. I regen. My labels will not autosize to reflect my label style.

To my understanding, this is an issue that will be fixed with the release of this service pack.

Now, don't take this totally to heart without consulting your own expert, but IN GENERAL, I find that service packs for Civil 3D are an easy download, a quick and nondistruptive install, and fix what they are supposed to. (Not like those stupid XP service packs which for some reason prevent me from opening excel after I install!) Therefore, when the pack comes out- I urge you to strongly consider installing it. Perhaps I'll permit you to wait until Thursday- because I am working on a project this week and I will surely let you know if something goes awry.