Monday, June 05, 2006

Have you ever felt like you have no escape?

This is my computer right now. Ahh, the heavy handed AutoCAD user and their obsession with the ESC key. I must have just wore Ol' Bessy down! I figured it was too ironic not to take a photo before I get a replacement.

With that being said, have you ever tried working without your ESC key? It is like tying your hands behind your back.

It is kinda true.... today I realized that I cannot escape myself. In case you haven't noticed, I have a major obsession with my work. A big part of why I am so interested in Civil 3D stems from my intense desire to improve development in general. I see Civil 3D as a way to produce more possibilities and more flexibilty in design. If we can provide more alternatives to our zoning boards and clients, or, if making the changes they desire wouldn't be so labor intensive, I feel we could get a lot more positive projects built.

My conversations always tend to wind up on the subject of Land Use, to the point where my husband has BANNED all Land Use conversations at family parties. Think about how hard that is! Like working without an ESC key. At your typical family party- someone has just built a house, someone is selling a house, someone is complaining about the jobs leaving, someone is complaining about the Hog Farm next door... I mean what else is there to talk about BESIDES Civil Engineering? Not much.

Speaking of Hog Farms...

So I drive a lot and listen to a lot of books from Audible. I always try to pick things that are SO UNRELATED to work so that I can "relax". But it never works. They always wind up being about Land Use somehow. So I choose Annie Proulx's "That Old Ace in the Hole" this time. But halfway through it became quite clear that it was about Land Use, farming, open space, etc. But it was a great listen. I recommend it highly.

So it appears that I have no escape... but that's OK. If you don't love your work, what is the point, really?