Thursday, June 08, 2006

Health and Beauty Tips for the Civil 3D User: Corridor Cucumber Facial and Pearly White Parcels

  1. 1. Cucumber slices in your office fridge. Every time you build a corridor, go grab two slices, kick back and place them over your eyes. Relax for 1-20 minutes. The less ram you have, the better you will look. This also works during fatal errors and while daylighting grading objects. Don't have a cucumber? Two cokes straight from the vending machine will also work, just watch your balance. (NOTE: DO NOT put the Civil 3D install DVD in the freezer and attempt to use that.)

2. Getting in the parcel grove? Keep that big box of Crest Whitestrips (the one that everyone has in their medicine cabinet at home but never uses) in your desk. Stick them in right before you define your outer boundary. Slice and dice your parcel and whiten your smile at the same time! (Note: if you violate the parcel rules and get a fatal error- apply cucumbers as in Tip #1 and look EXTRA good for your after work activities)