Tuesday, June 20, 2006

And you in the back? What would you like to see?

Sorry I've been so light on technical the past few days. I have been fighting some Civil3Demons while working on a preliminary site plan for a client. I did 210 lots, many many iterations. New tricks have been learned, new patience gained, better coffee made.

I am working on a few pieces, but I would like to open up the Audience Parti-ci-packtion (as Harald would say) portion of the program.

Any requests?


Anonymous said...

Interested to learn the steps you go through to plan your finished site grades, balance the volumes and shape your site. Pretty new at C3D so understanding how your are using the tools to accomplish this would be helpful.

Dana said...

I will work on some ideas for this- it is a bit to get your head around but worth the process for many tasks. -Dana