Tuesday, June 20, 2006

You had the Power All Along: Access Classes online at AUOnline

"There's no place like CAD.... There's no place like CAD..."

I get tons of email every day and read tons of posts on the Autodesk discussion groups asking for some help.

I love giving help!

But did you know that anyone can sign up for an AU Online account? It is free.***
***I stand corrected. I thought it was free for all- it is free for attendees and subscription customers. I apologize***

And you can watch classes on the subject you need help with. Not just Civil 3D, but Map 3D, AutoCAD, Lisp, Viz, Rendering, heck even Architectural and Mechanical subjects.

If you aren't interested in watching the recorded classes, you can just download the pdf handouts which are usually excellent and often step-by-step.

Here is how to sign up:
Go to http://auonline.mentorware.net