Wednesday, July 05, 2006

What might be amiss? Structures not showing all the way down to pipes

My loyal (and patient) blog reader s.k. nelson asked:
"...After using your "psuedo sump" method/technique, my out going pipes appears below the sump of the manhole. I was curious how you handled it. From your pics it doesn't seem to be doing this.I didn't know what to do to address it. I thought using a 1" or 2" floor sump or seeing if there was some setting to attach to the outside of structures versus the center. Using a thicker lineweight on the structure would probably hide it, but I thought I would ask.Thanks for all your tips/tricks. They certainly help this newbie out. "

(see the post Showing Pipes from Structure to Structure )

Well, thank you so much for your comments and questions.

Here is something that catches me sometimes- perhaps check the "fixed scale". I messed around in there for a little while before I gave up and changed the catalog, but if you forget to make this Z=1 again, you wind up with shorties.

Does that fix it? If not, comment again!

(My apologies to R.K. McSwain who I not only incorrectly identified as the commentor, but the ultimate insult- I misspelled his name. Thank you R.K. for setting me straight)