Friday, July 07, 2006

Super Secret Style Getter

In addition to the limited power of the brute force method below, you can also try a free trial of the EEProPack which has two tools for transfering styles from one drawing to another. You can pick and choose individual styles to bring in, or a whole drawing's worth of styles.


Command settings and object layers!

Download the trial and learn more here:

Watch a webcast on the EEProPack here:

-Dana 5/23/2008
Yesterday, I posted about inserting a block to bring in styles, but I expressed its limitations and pitfalls.

Well, in my mailbox last night, Anthony G sent me a procedure that might be a better deal.

I haven't tried it yet, but he says it brings forward everything including things like parts lists, without the drawing junkola.

So if you need to bring Civil 3D styles forward from one template to another or from a drawing that you started and realized later it was the wrong one- try this.

The procedure and captures are directly from Anthony. THANK YOU!

From the Setting tab of Toolspace, expand the Point collection
1. Expand Point Styles
2. Edit the Standard style (or whatever you’ve got there)
3. Go to the marker tab
4. Check on the option to Use AutoCAD BLOCK symbol for marker
5. Right click in the white space and select Browse
6. In the Browse to file window, change your file of type to *.dwt
7. Browse to your Template file that has all the styles you want
8. Select it and open it.
9. Select OK to apply the changes.
10. Viola! All the styles, and I mean all of them, are imported into the current drawing, label styles, object styles, part lists…everything in the settings tree of Toolspace.

And with that, I am outta here until tonight. I have some work that has to be done during daylight hours and after that I have an appt with my therapist to talk about my obsession with blogging.


Anonymous said...

Hi Dana, this is very exciting news... But then I had a brain tremor that this reminded me of the days when layer filters would be brought into the drawing with block insertion. Man what a headache that is. Granted, a typical block insertion is far from specifically inserting a block for a point style, but the demons still make you gunshy. :)

Anonymous said...

Does this overwrite any existing styles you have in the drawing?

Anonymous said...

It doesn't work to my Civil 3D 2007. Nothing happened when I right click...

Thomas Gail Haws said...

Since Sharing is Good, I'm looking for places to share Civil 3D styles. Can't find much. I'm putting my styles at