Friday, July 21, 2006

Help the C3Diva- Need a customization or ideas for better Civil 3D to Microstation Conversion

I have had decent success getting Civil 3D dwgs into Microstation with Inroads.

However, there is always work to be done with hatches, linetypes, text.

Here is what I am currently doing:
Export LandXML of entire Civil 3D dwg/project
Export Civil 3D.dwg to Acad.dwg
Cleanup Acad.dwg
Run layer translator that we made (changes NCS layer names into the local DOT level numbers/colors)
Export through Map>tools>export to .dgn
Open .dgn in InRoads/Microstation
Import LandXML
Then, the Microstation people have, say 85% useable information.
But they need a lot of cleanup

Does anyone have a customization to assist with this? Or even just some tips to prepare blocks/text for export, or easy ways to recreate on the .dgn side? Or swap out?

Consider that we have full and matching cogo libraries on either side. E.G.- I have a HYDRANT cell in Microstation, and a matching HYDRANT block in Civil 3D/AutoCAD.

My goal is that my clients that work with DOTs will be able to do most, if not all, of their design in C3D.

Then, we will have a great way to get things looking right in Bentley without much pain.

They will always want to open in Microstation for the final prep and check, but I want to make it easy.

And all of this is just model space- the design in this case is the only thing that matters (not sheets.layouts, etc) (but tips on those are welcome, too)

I will pay in money or fresh vegetables.

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Anonymous said...

Microstation V8 will open dwg files, why not skip the export to dgn?