Friday, July 21, 2006


I measure my life in two epochs.


but TECHTV and G4

Back before there was Civil 3D.... Back before all of us CAD groupies had Techie Idols like Anthony, James, Nick, Mark, Peter and of course "Dan and Dave"...

There were a bunch of twenty something college dropouts with a big basket of spare motherboards, airwalks and lovingly dishelved hair who came into my living room every night at 7PM and taught me about NewEgg, Firefox and how to Overclock a Toothbrush.

The Screen Savers! Late Gen X Computer Super Heros.

They made the term "LAN Party" a part of my everyday vocabulary.

They brought a partion to my hard drive and a smile to my face.

They winked when they mentioned Napster, they found all the cool websites.

They blogged before blogs were cool.

Their studio spartan, they stood the whole show. I think of them every time I have a demo that doesn't work or a fatal error during a class, because half the time their stuff didn't work.

Kevin and Alex of the Screen Savers were just plain cool. I liked them. I felt like they were my friends. We had just moved to a new town and knew nobody- so Kevin and Alex were our pals.

I secretly dreamed about being invited to the LAN parties, and *almost* text-ed in twice.

Then something weird happened. The studio got dark, the couches got plush. Alex was gone and Kevin was locked in some sort of sidekick room while a corny, but theoretically more "Cool" Kevin became the host, and mousey little Sarah who wouldn't know HTML from LandXML suddenly became the star of the show.

Then, the ultimate insult- the name changed from the Screen Savers to Attack of the Show.

We stopped watching.

Today, while visiting a client, I found him. I FOUND KEVIN ROSE. I don't know how I lost track of him, and I must say- I like him even more now.

If you loved the screen savers, or if just like hanging out with dorks- check out the Podcasts and Video Podcasts for Kevin's new show DIGGNATION.

It is eveything TechTV used to be- only better- cause there is cursing and beer. And Kevin had the good sense to dump that pseudo-geek, Sarah.


Anonymous said...

I assume you read too then?

Dana said...

digg it baby!!!