Saturday, July 22, 2006

Convert your old plot files PLT to DWF

I was with a client yesterday who has years worth of archived submittals in the form of .PLT files.

They are large, unruly, difficult to backup and difficult to view.

We were looking for a way to convert PLT into DWF in the hopes of smaller file size, multiple sheets per file and ease of view.

We googled for a little while, and came up with AcroPlot

There was a free trial, so we downloaded it right then and there.

It worked really well. It did not provide an instant miracle of significantly smaller file size, but it did allow us to build a single DWF from many PLT files, and they came over looking really nice. At the very least, he can now have one DWF with 10 sheets vs 20 PLT files to organize.

This may not be the only solution out there, but it is one that we found worked.