Thursday, July 06, 2006

Diversions from the Summer Reading List and my New FAVORITE Marine Mammal

So I like to read.... And I picked up a book the other day and plowed through it quickly despite the fact that it was not on the Summer Reading List.

The book is called The Hungry Tide and it is set in a place that I had never heard of... the the Sundarbans. It is a great story about a young Marine biologist studying dolphins in one of the most fragile wetlands areas in the world.

But it ain't just a tree hugger story (although the heroine does wind up huggin a tree during a storm) it has love, romance, infidelity, exotic food and a man eating tiger. Good fun!

BUT these aren't your normal Flipper-esque boring old dolphins. These are the cutest, weirdest looking creatures you ever saw in your life. They have round heads, stubby fins and a smile that seems to be laughing at you (where Flipper is obviously laughing at himself).

They are called Irrawaddy Dolphins and I can't believe that I have lived 30 years and four weeks and never heard of them before.

Think of all the other animals we have never heard of.... Maybe we need to Design Like We Give a Damn