Monday, July 24, 2006

To all of the grown up students out there...

Just a little plea from someone who teaches a lot of classes to a lot of people....

PLEASE PLEASE tell the instructor that you are

...feel she is moving too fast
...feel she is moving too slow
...covering subjects you already know

If you are uncomfortable raising your hand, grab her during the break. Explain what is going on. Maybe she can fix it. Maybe she can't fix it due to time contraints or expectations from the management that ordered the training. But she can try. And she can make a suggestion to management, or arrange for tutorials or record an AVI.

Don't just sit there and say nothing.

I know as an instructor I need to observe the class and make sure things are moving, but I am a human being and I don't speak whine, snicker or grumble, and I certainly don't speak silent.

So everyone out there- SPEAK UP- and let us human beings who are standing before you, vulnerable and occasionally self conscious know that you need help.

It is our job to get you that help!


Anonymous said...

I have the Big Guy in for 3 days starting tomorrow morning. This post will be shown during the introduction.
Ya know I really need to get my end users installed with Bloglines and subscribe them to a half dozen or so. There is much to be learned and I really appreciate all you have done to try to help.

Anonymous said...

Constructive advise.
You may consider a larger font size on the Blog.
I did indeed show your advise to students last week and it was very hard to read when projected.
I quickly fumbled my way out of it by giving them my spin.
You would be surprised where your blog ends up sometimes.
And no I'm not sending you a check for using this, Public domain and all.