Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Using an Expression to make a Decimalized Parcel Area Label

Let's say you are working on a bigger parcel--- Lot 74.

Your county wants you to show all of the lots that are divisions of Lot 74 as 74.01, 74.02, through, say 74.26.

But Civil 3D won't let you do decimal parcel numbers, and naming each one is a pain.

So here is a fix that might help. It may not be the only solution, so post your comments and ideas!

1) Do all of your subdividing and just live with the numbers as they stand temporarily.

2) Then use rename/renumber tool to number your lots 7401, 7402, 7403, through 7426.

3) Make an expression that divides PARCEL NUMBER / 1000 (or /10 or /10000 as necessary).

4) Make an area label that uses your EXPRESSION instead of PARCEL NUMBER as the label.

Here are a few captures to help:

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Anonymous said...

That's Brilliant!