Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Civil 3D Companion: MySpace for CAD Nerds

It is hard enough to meet new people these days, let alone while you are glued to your seat exploring and learning Civil 3D.

There is a new service out there to match people who are looking for fellow Civil3Disciples to bounce ideas off, collaborate with, play LAN Ghost Recon and meet up for anime marathons.

Think of it as Friendster, only Geekster.

I have found a few listings of interested from this brand new Civil3D Companion service. "Seeking to Align you on the Correct Site"


5'9"ish Mechanically inclined but Civil just the same.

I am looking for someone to steer me down the right path- both horizontally and vertically. If you have tight curves and varying grades you could help set my targets. I'm working through a transition right now, so I need someone patient who can watch me build and extract volumes of good material from me.

Likes: daylighting, VBA
Dislikes: Incomplete profiles, Subassemblies created from polylines, AutoLISP, HTML
Other interests: Partsbuilder, Vault


5'10" Long blonde hair. Degreed engineer, Obsessive topologist.
Hobbies: Crosswords, jigsaw puzzles, quilting, puns, screen capturing

Seeking IM buddies for late night chats, inside jokes, metes and bounds, and blogging banter.

I want friends that see beyond my normal function and take advantage of my hidden talents. I am more than just what my default label might lead you to believe. If you want a report on all of your areas, I don't mind doing the calculations for you.

I might be senstive, but respect my rules and I will pay off huge in the long run.

Candidates must be able to produce a span label on the first try.

Likes: Civil 3D, Lots lines perpendicular to the ROW
Pet Peeves: Overlapping Edges, Sleep, Fatal Errors, Hex Dumps, Fatal Errors, Feature lines reacting with site geometry, BUG REPORTS
Fears: The PE Exam
Other interests: None


Approx 6', (6'1" in Cape and Tights).

I'd like to find some like minded folks to chill with while rockin' out and hecklin' at AU.

Start in the beginning and just download all of your information on me, I will carry you through the whole deal. We'll process the real world together and make any adjustments you need to make life easier. Let's divide and conquer, get things aligned and take a look at what is going on below the surface.

Likes: Telling it like it is, getting the job done, finding a solution
Dislikes: Span Labels, Desc Key disappearance
Other interests: DG