Friday, August 18, 2006

HEC RAS tools for Civil 3D

You might have read or seen that I am doing a flood plain and river class at Autodesk University.

As part of that class, I will be showing a little program that automates the export of river sections from a Civil 3D river alignment to HEC RAS, as well as importing the RAS analysis data back in.

I beta tested this program a few weeks ago and found it to be easy to use and did a great job of getting data back and forth without leaving the Civil 3D environment for the export/import. Of course, I still had to to the analysis in HEC RAS.

There is a trial version available, and I would love to get some more real world feedback on the program before I show it during my AU presentation.

So if you use Civil 3D or even Land Desktop (and are willing to try that unused Civil 3D seat!) follow this link to download the trial version.



David Dixon said...

I know I'm signed for that class. Should be a good one! Are you teaching any GIS related classes at AU?
Dave D.

Dana said...

not specifically, but i will be using as much GIS data as possible in both my Civil 3D classes. There is too much great free stuff out there to ignore!

Anonymous said...

it appears the link to the HEC-RAS tools is broken. Please help.

Dana said...

I fixed the link in the post. Also it's here:

Anonymous said...

I downloaded a trial of EE HEC-RAS Tool a couple months ago, but before I could purchase it, Autodesk bought it, and it is no longer available from EE. According to Dave Simeone of Autodesk, it is being developed as an add-on for C3D 2008.