Sunday, August 20, 2006

Civil 3D: Are you thinking the right way to make the best of it?

You may have experimented with Civil 3D and found it frustrating.

Perhaps you encountered a steep learning curve yet didn't quite see the payoff.

If you are considering Civil 3D, or are having trouble getting into the groove, check out the article I wrote for last week: Rethinking Your Approach: Stone Sculpture vs. Clay Model

Many of us, especially those who have been around since manual drafting was phased out, approach our designs like we would a stone sculpture: Don't start drafting until the design is straightened out. Each chisel stroke is permanent and difficult to fix.

Where Civil 3D really works best when you approach it like shaping clay- build your model, backup, build again, experiment, iterate, iterate.

Which paradigm are you in? Read the article and find out.

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