Friday, August 25, 2006

OK, SO WHY do we NEVER migrate parcels?

I had a break in the excruciating emotional minutiae that is my life the past few weeks, so I was able to throw together a quick appeal to ALL Civil 3D users out there who have fallen into the temptation of migrating parcels from Land Desktop, importing parcels from LandXML or creating parcels from closed polylines.

I need to get off my duff and post a "Fundamentals of Topology" which may demystify some of this... but until then...

Read my article at on this subject.

Parcel Migration and Parcel Import- Don't Let them Bite You


Anonymous said...

Hi Dana;

Just another tiny bit of "minutiae" for your otherwise uproarious day. ;-)

Spell Check works wonders, but after the look on your face in the photo, I'm fairly sure this won't have a chance of making your day either. :-(

Don Reichle

Mr. Brady did this to moi fairly recently also. :-o

Dana said...

I'll run the spell check, Don. Thanks for the tip.

I must have been busy learning Civil 3D instead of latin.

I'll be sure to scour your blog for errors from now on- in the sense of community.

Dana said...

Damn, Don. Losing your touch. I had also misspelled excruciating

As in, fixing a drawing where parcels have been migrated is excruciating

Anonymous said...

As you've noticed over the years (I'm sure) Dana - no one's perfekt. ;-)

Don R