Saturday, August 19, 2006

More...Create a Table of X,Y,Z Coordinates from an Alignment: Method 1

As I mentioned in my post If it quacks like a duck, anything from propector that looks like a spreadsheet can be pasted into excel for further reporting, and "prettification".

But an under-used tool, in my opinion, is the AutoCAD table. I will be using the AutoCAD table hard core in some of my SWM papers and presentations, and many other applications. They support simple formulas, can be used with attribute extraction and much more.

I also use a method similar to this for some more detailed parcel analysis and breakdowns, so use your imagination.

Make additional columns to show whatever you want, in this case I added some stationing.

There are some neat Excel commands like CONCATENATE that can help you do things like specific station formatting.

In AutoCAD/Civil3D, paste special.

Choose AutoCAD Entities from the paste special dialog box.

These tables can be edited, added to, etc. The possibilities are endless.