Friday, August 11, 2006

Notes from Nova Scotia

The beauty of a socialist country is that every library in every small town has wireless. The librarians here seem not to know what to do with me, but eventually we figure it out and I get a password. It is wonderful to look out at the bay and keep in touch with life back home.

The trip was great- 13 hours from Millsboro to Bar Harbor, a quick but expensive ferry ride, then a scenic jaunt up the Lighthouse Scenic Highway to Mr. P's uncles house right on the water.

We have already had a conversation about GIS- Aunt and Uncle are a retired Planner and Engineer respectively and they occupy themselves in the winter on volunteer municipal support missions, most recently to Cameroon, where Uncle and his $100 handheld GPS are singlehandedly mapping the country. So I am here at the library seeing if I can't get him a dataset or two.

Lobster is on the agenda for tomorrow as the British contingency arrives this evening.

See you around the corridor...