Wednesday, August 02, 2006

That's Just--- BSChronicle

This is an email I received today:

Dear Dana:

I read Civil 3D Rocks every single day. I really enjoy your off the wall sense of humor and your grasp of all things technical.

However, I have two concerns.

The first is that you are only occasionally sarcasitic. I really prefer a more dry and sophisticated sense of humor in my technical commentary.

Secondly, I am an engineer who designs buildings, and I have no use for Civil 3D.

Can you recommend a blog that will be more in tune with my needs?


Joe Design, PE
Buildings & More, Inc.

I receive thousands of emails like this every single day. And I have never had anything to refer them to- UNTIL NOW!

Eric Kuszewski, the man who has the unfortunate privledge of sharing a cube with me on the rare occasion that I go in to the Home Office, has started a blog.

A collection of hints, tips, suggestions, and other sage advice for the use of Autodesk Building Systems and Autodesk Revit Systems.

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bsaider said...

Thanks for the plug!!

Now I'll have to live up to the hype.