Monday, November 03, 2008

Visualize Your Surface Analysis

11-3-2008 2-45-28 PM This is a trick that I discovered by accident when I was preparing for my Civil 3D for Hydrology class two years ago. (Find recorded version and paper from 2007 at AU Online.) I ran into a use for it again today and wanted to jot something down quickly before I forgot. And once again, if I already blogged this somewhere, or if someone else has, forgive me.

For reference, here are two posts I wrote about doing surface analysis:

I wanted to see a slope or elevation analysis in 3D as solid colors.

In the surface style, change the Display Type to 3D Faces.

11-3-2008 2-39-07 PM

Make sure that the analysis type is visible in MODEL view (Civil 3D 2009) or whatever the 3D view was called in 2008. (3D? My memory is short.)

11-3-2008 2-39-39 PM

Run your analysis, then switch to an isometric view.

11-3-2008 2-44-55 PM

Make the realistic visual style current.

11-3-2008 2-45-49 PM

If you don't like the shadowy grey triangles, edit the visual style to turn them off.

11-3-2008 2-42-48 PM  11-3-2008 2-45-28 PM