Friday, November 07, 2008

Friday Whetstone 11-7-2008

So I'm trying to become a better person- you know taking time to "sharpen the saw" and all that rot. This means putting aside the rat race for a few minutes a week and learning something new that will help the rest of my week go more easily.

  • Today's webcast is Rolling Deployment Series: Parcels with Jerry Bartells. Sign up, grab some friends and watch. If you are on the east coast, make it a habit to brown-bag lunch together. If you are elsewhere, just let it run in the background while you work. I find that if I don't watch them live, I tend not to watch them at all. Make the commitment. Even if it is something you know, you will definitely pick up new things and new angles.
  • The TED talks are wonderful for helping me get ideas for my own public speaking and presentations as well as being nearly as entertaining as the SNL clips on youtube. You can subscribe to the podcast on iTunes for watching on planes and at the gym, or you can stream from the website: Talks vary from about 5 minutes to much longer, so even if you only need some inspiration while you drink that first morning Mountain Dew, you will find the right video.
Here is a good one to start with- short (3 mins), sweet and coined a new word in my vocab- "Work-a-frolic". Richard St. John: Secrets of success in 8 words, 3 minutes

  • This morning, I was faced with about 300 unsorted inbox messages from the past few days, and I felt my skin start to prickle in that horrible panic attack way. So I am taking a few minutes over my coffee break to work through Get Out of Your Inbox with Outlook 2007. I found a whole host of free Microsoft Office lessons and they only take a few minutes to work through. I've already learned a few things that will help me- and its given me ideas of what I can study up on to get even more skills to tame the inbox tiger.