Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Getting Ready for AU 2008: A Preparation Guide of Sorts

My first AU I went as a regular attendee and it was busy but fun. I showed up with one suitcase and left with two. We just saw as much as we could, then left happy.

Then I got the brilliant idea to become a speaker. Every since, AU has been even more amazing, but amazing in a "wow, that was a lot of work" kind of way. I didn't even know the half of it! This year, I am so excited to be participating in a workshop, two classes, two keynotes, and a lunch as part of my official duties, and lending a hand everywhere else once those are done.

I haven't changed my packing list much for this year, except I did go out and buy some sensible shoes. Knowing me, I'll wind up wearing cute shoes again the first night and wind up needing a rental scooter the rest of the week. You walk SO MUCH I CANNOT EVEN EXPRESS IT.

Reflections of AU 2006- What I learned, what to bring, etc.

AU 2007 Packing List

If you'd like a bit of a running commentary on what I'm up to at AU, you are welcome to follow me on twitter. My twitter account is not public, but I do approve just about everyone who requests to follow me. Unless you seem like an overt spammer, or if you are scary. But considering some of the other characters I let follow me... I am sure you couldn't be that scary.

I'd love to say hello and catch up with as many people as possible. Here are some of the things I'm involved in, or that I hope to attend. Note that I say hope. AU is NUTS, the Venetian is big, and sometimes a girl gets dragged into "just one more dry run".

To give you an idea- this is what my outlook calendar looks like, and I'm only getting started putting things on. (Yes, it's blurry on purpose people. That's so you get a feeling for the tears I shed when I realize that I cannot possibly do everything and see everyone I want to at AU! Such is life.) :


Tentative things are shown in italics below. Black means- if I'm not there, it doesn't happen. Or at least my part doesn't.


8AM-5PM Civil 3D Implementation Bootcamp (organizer, proctor)

6:30PM-7:30PM Speaker Social (speaker, socializer)

7:30PM-9:30PM BIM Mixer (mixer, socializer, maker of bad slides)


10:30AM General Session "Carl's Keynote" (reveler, show geek, maker of several still images showing off civil engineering)

Noon- 1PM AEC Subscription Customer Lunch (presenter of subscription goodies like new subassemblies and HEC RAS extension)

4PM-5:30PM Blogger Social (blogger, socializer)

5PM-7PM Closed Invitation Event (heckler, drinker of cold Amstel)

(I'll likely miss the beer bust due to rehearsals)


8AM-9:30AM AEC Keynote (Transportation Speaker. I don't care if you come in your pajamas, just don't miss it!)

5:00PM - 6:30PM CV 218-1L Get Your Head Out of the Point Cloud (Instructor)


10AM-11:30AM CV 218-1L Get Your Head out the Point Cloud (Instructor)

Done with the hard work! AU Party, as many classes as I can see, swag patrol!

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Brian Hailey said...

So, what's the implementation boot camp? It's not listed on the AU registration page so I'm very curious. Have a great Thanksgiving!