Monday, November 03, 2008

Webcast this Wednesday: Criteria Based Design

We all know about the Friday Webcasts with Lucy, Jerry and the gang, but there is a lesser known series sometimes on Wednesdays called the Government Road Design Solutions webcasts. These webcasts focus on the needs of Civil 3D users who design DOT projects, local road projects, road rehabilitation projects and more. If you do any kind of road design, you will find these webcasts very useful.

Many of the upcoming and recorded webcasts in this series are inspired by the Road Design and Road Rehabilitation White Papers.

Take a minute and register for everything listed there so that you don't have to remember later. There is some good stuff coming up.

Also check out some of the recorded webcasts listed there:

Saving Time During the Early Phases of Road Design

Saving Time and Reducing Errors with Machine Control Systems

Best Practices for Utilizing Aerial Photogrammetry

Streamlining the Roadway Milling and Overlay Process

AutoCAD Civil 3D Survey Solutions

Roadway Design Using AutoCAD Civil 3D

Time Saving Tips in the Transportation Design Workflow

And I was extremely impressed with the robust list of Civil 3D transportation tutorials in the sidebar:

Generate 3-D Planimetrics From .dgn
Surface and Catchment Area Development
Corridor Enhancement

Linking Corridor and Feature Lines

Feature Line Enhancement
Global Origin File Centering
Integration of Corridors, Feature Lines, and Grading
Multi-Coordinate Systems and Data Rectification
Survey Functions of Civil 3D
Integration of GIS Data with Civil 3D Survey Functionality


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