Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Civil 3D Styles in Action

If you've ever had a hard time convincing the CAD manager at your company that you can make Civil 3D styles look like your local standard, here are some ideas.

This is also great for those of you out showing the product to potential users, or when speaking at user groups. If you make a few sets of styles, then use a named view (or just the same zoom when taking your captures) then switch between styles, you can make a slide show where the images overlay nicely and it seems like the styles are changing right before your eyes.

This could be a good idea for recording styles for a company standards manual, or for the Civil 3D setup consultants out there you could take a capture of each style you create to build a portfolio for potential clients.

The above slideshow is a little small and doesn't come through in the feed- so check out the direct link:

As I was typing this, I came up with a fun idea. I've created two flickr photo groups.

The first one is Civil 3D Styles. Show off captures of your best label hacks and funkiest code sets. It will be a great way to get "mindshare" on what everyone is doing out there and seeing what is possible without having to give away our "secrets" about how we created the style itself.

The second group is called Civil 3D Gallery. This one is for screen captures of your models, your finished drawings, your everyday work. If you use Civil 3D, you have something to contribute. I want to see what everyone is doing out there- from the meat-and-potatoes work to your slickest renderings.