Sunday, November 16, 2008

More Fun with Surface Analysis

There really isn't much point to this post except that I spend some time last week trying to find cool ways to make exhibits to convey messages about how steep something is, or how much earth had to be moved.

A different visual wound up being chosen for the project, but I spent some time working through a few things, and I thought you might get some ideas that you could use in your work.

Each of these images tells a story- what story are you trying to tell? How can you best show that?

Keep in mind that a lot of the time your audience (such as clients, zoning hearings, public workshops, management) care less about what is a meaningful exhibit from an engineering perspective, and care more about understanding the site. Try to  put yourself in their shoes. Good practice audiences include: your mom, or even better your grandmom or your six year old. You need to find people who aren't totally immersed in our world to give you feedback.


Anonymous said...

After receiving your blog email I was going to request a link to images to visual your ideas. But you already had the slide show available. Nice!
This gives me alot of ideas to explore.

Jason said...

Any chance you would like to give a brief explanation on how you made these exhibits happen? I would guess that you set the vert. exaggeration pretty high unless this building is actually being built on a 1:1 slope?

Thanks for all the info and tips you provide.