Monday, January 08, 2007

Nifty Slideshow Tool

Every once in awhile you find something really cool that is worth sharing...

I had been looking for a neat way to get my Flickr Album into slideshows that could be embedded in webpages, and yes, my Myspace Profile (I know, I know). It seems that myspace is picky about what can be embedded- it wouldn't take a flickr badge or some of the other hacks I found.

The only thing I found that would make a slideshow of my flickr album that was supported by myspace was

As these things go, it is actually also a pretty cool tool. It will upload photos from flickr, photobucket, myspace, your hard drive, other urls, etc. It allows you to customize the slideshow speed, arrangement and style.

Another thing I liked is that it has a certain level of buffering from flickr. Meaning that if I put a handful of photos from my personal flickr album into a slideshow, a person can't click on the slideshow and get into my entire personal photosteam.

Here is an example of one I was playing with... I will probably replace the flickr badge here on rocks with something like this.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Mr. Probert, P.E.

A special congratulations to Mr. Probert. He found out he passed the PE exam today.

Now I guess I am out of excuses for taking it.....