Wednesday, March 19, 2008

What should I submit for AU 2008?

I am having a bit of analysis paralysis over my submissions for AU 2008 and I'd like your help.

There is a poll in the left sidebar on Civil 3D Rocks where you can vote... or submit your ideas in comments on this post.

I'm retiring my Stormwater Management Ideas class after doing it twice. Here are links to the screencasts and papers for SWM 2006 and SWM 2007. I considered revamping it and including a bunch of information about integrating Civil 3D with Hydraflow tools, but I know I won't have enough time over the next 7 months to really dig into it and do it well. I have to contribute to two books, take the P.E. in October, and man, there is this whole cooking dinner and doing laundry thing that really cramps my style.

Two years ago I did a River Class that was OK. It had potential, and I could really take it to the next level this year with some of the new subassemblies, import/export tools and two more years of experience.

Of course, there was my Get Your Head Out of the Point Cloud class last year that was really fun, and with the new large surface weeding tools in Civil 3D 2009 it could be even better.

Of course, there is no guarantee that any class that I submit will be chosen.

Thanks for your help!

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Unknown said...

I am the statewide CADD Coordinator for the Florida Department of Transportation and we are investigating Civil 3D as an alternative to MicroStation / GEOPAK. Our road designs are more complex than many of examples we have seen. I would like to see how to solve problems like:

Multilane urban typical sections with complex intersections (medians, channelizing islands, traffic separators), including grading of those intersections.

Complex interchange / ramp design and grading.

Pavement marking automation (skip / solid striping and transitions, raised pavement marker placement, gore areas (converging and diverging), paint separators, etc.

Draiange structure cross sections (plans production) and labeling.

How to compute quantities (not earthwork) for things like area items (pavement, grassing, etc.), count items (inlets, signal heads, etc.), items by length (guardrail, curb and gutter, etc.), tonnage items (friction course, tack, etc.)