Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Going to Tech Camp 2008? I'm Jealous!

I'll be missing Tech Camp this year for the first time since Sheet Set Manager, but I figured I would still share my invaluable (or non-valuable) wisdom with you young whippersnapper AEs out there who will be storming the Hilton Anatole Dallas in a few weeks.

1. Everything from What I Learned at Tech Camp and Tech Camp Survival Guide still apply. Read those posts. Commit them to memory. Thank me later.

2. Join Hilton Honors. Last time I was at the Anatole, there was a special line for HH members. So leave your non-Civil3D Rocks reading chump friends in the long line, while you get VIP service. HH members also sometimes get free WIFI or other perks. Once, I even got a free bottle of water. If my HH membership wasn't split between two accounts (Dana Breig and Dana Probert. Dude, they just don't get it) I might have even gotten a free breakfast coupon. Jason says he sailed past a line that was at least 30 golf shirts deep in 2006.

3. Don't ride the elephants. There is a lot of really cool art at the Anatole. REALLY cool art. Like jade horses and stuff. They aren't for riding. Keep your butt on the semi-comfortable seats, no matter what tall Italians might try to talk you into.

4. Learn how to use your phone as a modem. Last few Tech Camps they've blocked WIFI in the training rooms. AS IF you didn't need to check your Facebook feed every hour. Seriously, who made these rules? You can TOTALLY pay attention while streaming last week's LOST. Last year, within 20 minutes of class beginning, at least 50 bluetooth devices showed up on my phone's radar, and you could see people struggling to get configured. Practice before you get there, and you won't miss a beat. Of course, if you are cool, you have an aircard. So get one of those instead so you can be cool, too.

5. The lobby is big and airy with lots of tables and chairs for working (if you are like me) or refreshment (if you are a normal person.) There is a nice Mexican place in the lobby with tasty margs, and a Sports Bar downstairs. Jason would like me to add, that it IS downstairs literally. You'll have to walk (or fall) down the stairs to find it. Two years ago, I sat in the lobby working while the "cool kids" were hanging out at the Mexican joint. I kept hoping that one of them would come over and say "Hi" and ask me to be their friend. Alas, they didn't. I swore I would find a way to become cool. I'm still looking for a way to be cool, but I have added a few gtalk contacts since then.

6. The floors are slippery- some kind of polished, textureless marble or similar. Avoid stiletto heels and/or those $0.99 flip flops that hydroplane on smooth floors.

7. If someone hands you a bandana and tells you that there will be SWAG giveways for wearing it "creatively", try to visualize yourself on youtube before you get too creative. Two years ago, I thought we were shoe-ins for the big prize. But then again, twenty minutes later couldn't figure out how to operate the locks in the ladies room.

Have some fun for me, won't you? And learn lots. Seriously, the world needs us all to learn as much as we can so that we can influence and improve design around the world.

And if you get a cool bag, mail it to me. I've become a collector.


Dana said...

I really think I should have used the word "cool" a few more times in this post.

Anonymous said...

You do know that I was one of those cool kids at the mexican joint? First night I met Scacco - and there were tequila shots going around. You know, that should have been a dead giveaway ;)