Monday, March 17, 2008

A Little Bit Weird Science, a Whole Lot of Fun

I've discovered this neat site where you can make mock up "gals" and send them to all of your friends. You can also make cute stickers, notepads, mugs, and more with your gal printed on them.

So on the left there is "me". The best part about Design-Her Gals is that you can make them look like you on your best day- or your worst day.

I'd write more about it, but I've developed a bit of an addiction, and I have about 10 more gals I'd like to make before lunch.

I've send e-cards to Lou, Kristin and Sarah. Maybe we can get a bit of a Meme going?

(If you want to use your Design-Her Gal on your blog, you must follow the directions here- otherwise it's a copyright violation. Follow the rules- and have fun!)


n0m4d said...

There is no design your own dude page?

Dana said...

You can add a dude to your design-her gal, but they are pretty generic. Also note that they don't have the option to add antique soap flakes nor japanese LEDs to your design-her gal's hands.