Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Of Mice and Manchester (It's handy being a girl geek)

I have recently earned the nickname CAT because at least once per week I bring home a mangled mouse and place it before my husband for his inspection.

Last week, I had an unfortunate maple syrup accident with a mouse that cause it to perpetually double click.

Yesterday, I managed to drive the entire length of Delaware Route 1 with the USB end of my husband's laptop mouse (which I had stolen to replace the maple syrup mouse) dragging out of the passenger side door. When I arrived at my destination, I realized that USB port would never dock again.

In a seemingly unrelated story, I am going to Manchester, NH today for some sort of Autodesk Geek Party that involves drinking scotch and discussing corridor links vs. feature lines at increasingly higher decibels as the night progresses.

Jason is renting a car and will be ensuring that I arrive at this party safely. He asked me how he could recognize me at the airport. I said, I will be wearing a butterfly necklace.

When I finished packing this AM, I realized that my butterfly necklace was broken! Oh dear! How will Jason pick me out of the teeming mass at MHT? Hmmmm.

So I decided to distract myself from this pending disaster by getting the wire cutters and snipping the USB tail off of mangled mouse #2, and the syrup end of mangled mouse #1 in hopes of a possible happy marriage and resplice.

As I was snipping, I had a realization- there's COPPER WIRE in them cords!

So after i was finished with the needle nose and electrical tape, I pulled out the strippers and peeled myself out 3 or so inches of copper wire from the spare length and proceeded to fix the butterfly necklace with the wire from my mouse.

So now two problems are solved- I have a working mouse AND Jason will be able to recognize me at the airport.

Sometimes being a girl geek ain't so bad.

**Note from the Author: It could be argued that if I wasn't a girl geek in the first place I would have neither a) driven with my mouse cord hanging out nor b) had a necklace to fix. But that is neither here nor there.


Andrew McAllister said...

Mangled mice? I have found out through unintentional experimentation that milk poured into a keyboard gives it a vastly altered personality :o)

To Love, Honor and Dismay

Anonymous said...

Have any fun in ManchVegas?

Mistress of the Dorkness said...

I can say with all confidence, that the knowledge imparted by this post WILL be used by me one day. ;) Thanks for the tip.