Monday, November 27, 2006

The Night Before AU

T'was the night before AU
and all through the house
the only noise heard
was the click of my mouse.


I'm here doing the usual- writing a week's worth of checks and packing a week's worth of lunches and doing the final preparation for my trip to Autodesk University this week.

If you are going- be sure to come on up and say hello.

And don't forget to register for AU Connect- drop me a line and we'll find a way to meet up.

Here is an update on my AU Connect pins. It seems I am only have a few more people in my inner circle... and that i have repelled Beth (now spot # 63), Nick (now spot #174) and Jason (#148) into the far reaches of my compatibility universe.

However, James and Anthony are still right in there. I knew I connected with those boys in a cosmic way.