Monday, October 02, 2006

Pin Me! Join the AU Social Network

So you want to find out if you and I are compatible?

Yeah you do.

And you want to meet some neat people at AU this year?

Yeah you do.

Sign up for AU Connect. If you registered for Autodesk University, use your AU Login to gain access here: AU Connect

Nick Zeeben and I did ours over the weekend. Tell me if you think this is strange.

Ok so here is me. Apparently the only person I am compatible with is James Wedding.

And here is Nick. Hmmm... he has more chances to fill his foursome.

I need some friends!!! Go sign up now!


Beth said...

Who would have thought Dana you and I are compatible...but guess who else is just as close to me as you are...go ahead guess. Yes James. Sorry Nick you are on the outside rim of my circle.

Anonymous said...

I went up to the AU site to Pin me.
Couple of things.
If I go to your blog from the community site your word verification is blocked.
So my exceedingly clever post to this article is lost.
Now i have to type jbnlj without any errors.
See you soon.

Anonymous said...

good thing that one went up 'cause now I have to type stwmcfxc without error.
You probably won't ever see this.