Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Clean Topology Turkey with Manchestnut Stuffing

Trying to stuff as many lots into your subdivision as possible?

Think of the Turkey as your SITE.

Here is another tasty recipe from Chef John over at GBA.


(note from Dana: be sure to follow your local health department guidelines for internal temperature and all that jazz.)

Nothing much special with the Turkey.
Pretty much straight out of Joy of Cooking.
Pre-heat oven to 450 degrees.
Rub turkey with extra virgin olive oil. [ not getting into discussion of how virgin olive oil can be extra virgin ]
Reduce heat to recommended cooking temp after placing stuffed bird into oven.
And don't forget the Alum. foil tent for the last hour or so.


Fun stuff to mix and match ingredients but the site MUST be clean.

  • Brown 1 pound crumbled Hot pork sausage.
  • Add to 1/2 corn bread stuffing mix and 1/2 Country stuffing cubes.
  • Add chopped onion
  • Small can sliced water chestnuts [ will give a little crunch to dressing.]
  • Sliced mushrooms [ know your audience, my daughter and her husband EAT NO FUNGUS ]
  • For moisture I add a can of chicken broth, but have used applesauce, even white wine will work.
  • Other options, cubed apple, or pear, walnuts, diced bell pepper, best a red or orange instead of standard green.
Pack bird with stuffing. [ don't know why every cooking instruction I have ever seen says to lightly stuff bird.]

I've never had a crammed bird send a CER yet.


Anonymous said...

Can't believe I forgot the stick of melted butter in the dressing. My bad.
Put in some diced Artichoke bottoms this year, as the cook has to entertain himself or it's just work.
Not fabulous but interesting.
Also used a Garlic and lime marinade instead of the extra virgin olive oil. Thought this might have a chance at being a real difference maker. Even put it between the skin and the breast.
Still tasted like regular turkey.
Best dish at Thanksgiving went to my daughter, who bought a Snickers Cheescake at the Cheescake Factory.
See you next week.

Dana said...

We deep fry our turkeys, so I haven't personally stuffed a turkey in years. Every year I say we are going to roast one of them just for the stuffing, since nothing beats a crammed bird.

The EE boyz hooked me up with a new cell phone that also gets email, text messages and even gtalk, so you'd better believe you will be able to find me next week.