Wednesday, May 03, 2006

We're Taking this show on the road!

2007 Civil and Mapping CAD Clinics
For Engineers, Surveyors, Landscape Architects, and Land Professionals of all Kinds

Come learn about how Civil 3D 2007 and Map 3D 2007 can help you get your job done.
All events are no charge and include breakfast!

All events registration and food at 8:30AM
Speakers 9AM-12PM unless noted otherwise

To register-

5/10 Dover Downs
5/12 Holiday Inn Boardwark Atlantic City
5/16 Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce (9:30AM)
5/17 Wilmington Riverfront
5/22 Netherland Inn Strasburg, PA
6/13 Sheraton Great Valley Frazer, PA

We'll have the Civil/Mapping group THE WHOLE TIME so we can cover great industry-specific information!

Detailed Civil/Mapping Agenda:

1. Breakfast and Registration
2. Why Civil 3D? And what the heck is it anyway? Whatever happened to AutoCAD?
3. Life Before Civil 3D and Life After Civil 3D: A Site Plan Study
4. Civil 3D Nuts and Bolts: A demonstration of a sample project
5. Civil 3D Survey Tools- Yes! They are finally integrated.
6. Civil 3D new features-Why install (or upgrade to) 2007? (including discussions of vault and project data sharing)
7. Map 3D and Raster Design- tools every engineer needs to know, plus hard-core mapping including connecting to live sites, thematic mapping and others
8. What's new in AutoCAD? 3D tools, easy visualization and things you may have missed from the last few releases.