Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Parcel Rules for C3D 2006 and 2007

I will add screen shots to help explain this later...

These are ways I have found to keep parcels happy... (more to come)

(note to self: add caveats about LandXML, add info about how alignments want to make parcels and separating into sites )

Parcel Rules
1. Parcels always close.
2. Parcels never have “vacuums” (think- no doughnuts!)
3. Parcels don’t like to be leaky buckets
4. Parcels don’t like to have “hanging chads”
5. Parcels shrink as you continue to subdivide
6. Parcels don’t always like to be defined from closed polylines
a. The only time it is good- first boundary, or “island”
7. Parcels can’t be erased. But LOT LINES can be erased.
8. Parcels can be used for more than just site plans!

Things to Keep in mind while learning Parcels
1. Service Packs! SP1, SP2, HF1 for 2006
2. Make sure what you are asking is possible.
3. Be patient. It takes one site plan to learn the picks and clicks. That means
have to commit to sitting down and spending about 6 hours learning the rhythm.
4. It is easier to move an alignment before you set your ROW and parcels.
5. Don’t forget the rules (see above)


Anonymous said...

Should just closed polylines be avoided or all polylines? I ask because often we have many, very short line segments along lakes or streams that need to be added as parcel segments. Using a polyline would be much quicker than having to pick each individual end point.


Dana said...

plines are OK. see chapter 6 of Mastering Civil 3D for more detailed info... the Parcel rules have been updated and improved in the book.