Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Things that might seem like a good idea but aren't: Bringing the Land.cui into Civil 3D

Sometimes, Civil 3D is forced upon us. And we panic.

Sometimes this happens when the boss buys software and says- "You can figure it out"

or your reseller doesn't explain very well what is going on with the whole Civil 3D vs Civil 3D Pro vs Civil Design vs Land Desktop and what they heck is a companion?

But most of the time it happens when we want to try to figure Civil 3D out on our own.

And it looks so different and the menus are so short....

And that lovely Land.cui is just sitting there on our machines so uselessly not loaded into Civil 3D....

I realize it is SO TEMPTING to bring over those familiar menus and commands...

I have had many support calls over the past year where people call to say that commands are not working in Civil 3D. So I ask them- tell me more- and they say something like:

"Well, I pull down the Lines and Curves Menu..."

And that is where the siren goes off.

Land Desktop commands do not work in Civil 3D. Period. Doesn't work. I mean it.

If you are feeling lost and panicky in Civil 3D...

First step- find a way to get your work done in Land Desktop 2006 or 2007
Second step- find a class, watch webcasts, read papers, learn about Civil 3D.

Here is a link to a post I did wAAAAAAAAAAAAy long time ago- it is dated, but it might help. I am planning on revising it.


There is also a paper in the files section of my Yahoo Group called

"So You Want to Use Civil 3D"

You have to join the yahoogroup to get access to the files area, but everyone is welcome to join. See the link on the right side of the blog page called "Join Our Inner Circle" or go to