Friday, December 19, 2008

The Interchange as Art?

It's been busy around here- deadlines butting up against the Autodesk "Week of Rest", the post AU catch up frenzy, my design class coming to an end, oh yeah, and that whole Christmas thing.

We'll get back into some hard core Civil 3D tech once I drink a few egg nogs next week.

In the meantime, if you needed some artwork for your Holiday Greetings this year, one of these just might fit the bill.

These drawings came from looking at an aerial of spaghetti junction immediately after I hit my head on the sink while standing on the toilet to hang a clock.

Dana Probert Week 6 Assn 1-more ideas

Here is the one that I wound up turning in.

Dana Probert Week 6 Assn 1


Anonymous said...

Add this to you Holiday art.


Happy Holidays to you and your family, (HO)^3 = HO HO HO

John M.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Dana. Sorry to sidetrack but I'm trying to find the title of a reference book you mentioned somewhere. The book (architecturally based), has practical examples of grading schemes and other references.