Monday, May 12, 2008

I'm Getting Rid of All of My Bottles

While I try to be sensitive to chemicals and such in my house by using natural cleaners and buying organic food when it makes sense, I haven't been panicked about the whole BPA in Baby Bottles thing yet. Until a few weeks ago when Canada took action. When babies are small, I don't use too many bottles at my house, but lately he's been drinking four or more 6 oz bottles per day, and he starts daycare next month.

I've read up. I've done my thinking, and I've decided to clean house and buy a small quantity of BPA free bottles BPA-free Bottles, Sippy Cups and Otherwise.

For all of you geeky parents out there, there is a fun photo pool on Flickr for reuse ideas for all of these BPA bottles. It's been mentioned on a few of my favorite geek parent sites including Baby Toolkit and GeekDad. These bottles tend to stack up nicely, are almost unbreakable, take a sharpie well, and are otherwise a great container for all kinds of little things (as long as they don't wind up in your belly.)

Here are my ideas:

I always try to grab a few crayons for restaurant use, but the ziplock baggy and Rubbermaid containers tend to get crushed. These bottles are the perfect size for a handful.


Most of you who know me know that I travel with a stash of staedtlers, HB, rubberbands, paperclips, staples, binder clips, USB devices, mouse adapters, earbuds, you get the idea.


Other ideas: Change for the vending machine; odd buttons; spare keys; matches; camping odds and ends that usually wind up wet; a mini-first aid kit with band-aids; ointment, etc.; dry dog treats for the park; metal bits in your carry on luggage that you want to keep together and throw in the bin; crushable liquid containers for your carry-on; and so much more.

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Matthew Anderson said...

After 5, I hope this is all a bunch of hooey...but alas, I kinda wanna get rid of the bottles anyway...all but 2 nipples have yet been bitten off...