Wednesday, May 14, 2008

BPA Bottles as a Junior Chemistry Set

I was staring at my bottles again yesterday and I came up with something PERFECT. Bottles invariably have imperial volume markings, and usually metric as well. They are the ideal baby beaker for chemistry experiments! Add a lid for shaking up your mixtures, and those avent sippy lids (without the control value) are useful for pouring and sprinkling.

BPA Bottle Re-Use for Junior Chemistry Set

Here are a few chemistry games I came up with that Panorama and I have tried:

1. Temperature Check: Fill bottles with warm, cool, and ice water. Check temperatures with concrete thermometer (if you aren't like us with 100 concrete thermometers laying around like expired pens, your hardware store should have something that will do the trick, or any safe thermometer will do.) Add salt to an ice water bottle to check its effect.

2. Different Viscosity: Combine dish soap with water in various concentrations. Use the metric volumes to add 60mL, 140mL, 200mL,etc of dish soap to several bottles. Add water to fill to 260mL. Mix. Drop a penny into each one and note how long it takes for it to sink to the bottom.

I will be raking my kids' science books this weekend for more ideas.