Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Seaford Gets a Starbucks

I was psyched when they put a Sonic in Greenwood, but this takes the cake. Or at least the Venti Peppermint Mocha.

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Anonymous said...

Venti, no water, non fat Tzao Chai Latte.

Angel Espinoza said...

I rarely drink coffee based drinks, but when I do I am with Dana..
I like the peppermint mocha, (probably, not good thing to admit in public).

So, it must be decaf (my heart does not do full strength), peppermint mocha with soy (lactose is evil) and no whipped cream (just on principle).

Sarah said...

ALL writers need a local Starbucks, right?

My current favorite: Grande green tea, 2 tea bags: one Green Tips and one Mint. Sure, it's just tea...but the 2 different tea bags give it the required Starbucks complexity and froufrou factor.

Mark Herrmann said...

This is good. I have an office in Milford, so now I know that there is one close by!