Wednesday, January 02, 2008

I am a Bug

Last night while I was blankly surfing the web, avoiding work and contemplating my goals for the New Year, one of my friends from Autodesk QA pinged me on gtalk to say hello.

We were chatting about writing and children's books and he mentioned that another QA team member brought in a children's book about software testing and quality control.

I said "Huh?"

He says "It's called "I am a Bug""

But it is true, and I must say I am charmed by the excerpt on amazon, and needless to say, I've ordered my copy.

"When a bug is found, we do not ask if the bug is good or bad. We decide if it is important. We guess how much damage it could cause."

Check it out.


Today I am listening to Under a Shady Tree with the kids and Kanye West during nap time (but quietly).