Sunday, December 30, 2007

I resolve...

I finally have a chance to sit down and crank out some work- but before I do, I wanted to jot down my New Year's Resolutions.

I resolve to...

...always read National Geographic cover to cover instead of just flipping through and looking at animal pictures then putting it on the shelf.

...stop buying pre-formed cookie dough for eating as a snack.

...only submit ONE Autodesk University class this year- and not get talked into submitting additional classes no matter how appealing the subjects may sound except if they sound really appealing and incredibly difficult to prepare.

...turn in my Autodesk University Class papers in on time.

...never buy anything because it is easier to buy it new than to dig in the attic for the one I already have.

...not to make a full pot of coffee when I know I will only drink one cup.

...never "accidentally" turn two pages at a time when reading an especially wordy book to Panorama. at least one smart book every month, even if it has words in it that I don't understand- such as "moderation", "sleep", and "vacation". Also, I will not skip any chapters in said smart books.**

...get off my butt and get my P.E. done in October. Mr. Probert got his last year, and as of today, he has finished his Masters in Civil Engineering (!). The ball is in my court, and after 10 years, I think it's about time I got the dang thing out of the way.

Happy New Year!!!

**So, I read Atlas Shrugged in college, but I skipped about 20 pages in the middle. You know, that long, boring and irrelevant soliloquy of a radio address that Galt does about 3/4 of the way through? Yeah, well, I read about 3 pages of it, decided that I got the point (blah blah objectivism, self-reliance, the meaning of life and the free market blah blah) and moved on hoping for some more sexual tension between Dagny and Galt, or Dagny and Reardon, or Dagny and the Railroad. If I happen to mention this fact to any die hard Rand fans, they look at me with so much disgust that I am tempted to reread the book and actually pay attention. But with so much Shopaholic and Jessica Darling to read, who has the time? Laissez-faire literacy, that's what I say.


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