Tuesday, June 03, 2008

EECast Tomorrow: Building Better Terrain Models

Tomorrow, I will be doing an EECast on Building Better Terrain models.

I put this class together a few years ago to help new designers figure out how surfaces work, and I found that the room was often crowded with not only the new staff, but everyone! If you have ever wondered what REALLY happens with triangulation, or what difference do breaklines REALLY make, be sure to tune in. Note that I will be using Civil 3D 2009 to build the models, but the surface building theory will apply no matter what software you use.

Also note that Mark Scacco will be leading off the webcast with some additional news about Land Desktop being discontinued, the new product mix, and how EE can help.

Learn how to sign up and see the agenda after the jump.

EECast Wednesday, June 4, 2008 12NOON EDT
Latest Civil 3D News with Mark Scacco

Land Desktop is discontinued, and now there is a new product called AutoCAD Civil in addition to Civil 3D. Learn more about what the future holds, and how EE's CivilAccess and GuidedAccess can make things easier.

Building Better Terrain Models with Dana Breig Probert

What is triangulation? What are contours? How are surfaces really built from points, breaklines, drawing objects and contour data? How can I tell "good TIN" from "bad TIN"? What are proximity polylines? Why are contours typically poor data for surface building? And more!

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Pat said...

Dana - I missed the webcast - is there anyway for me to watch it? If so, would you please email me the info?