Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Two Sweety Tuesday

What a fine morning at PHL. The sun is just streaming into the lovely terminal b-c food court, almost blinding really, which is why I probably didn't notice that they took down the signs that formerly proclaimed "Free WiFi in the B-C Food Court!". But even the cost of a 24 hour pass can't keep me down today- I am on my way to AU!

Yesterday was a bad day- almost as bad as being forced to go back to using Land Desktop. My usually adorable son was doing his best screaming tomato impression. Imagine a fire engine. Only not quiet like a fire engine. Loud. And instead of just driving by, that fire engine moves in to your house, demands food and expects a college education.

Since I had Prospector in one arm and my mouse in the other, I played one of those cards all parents keep close to their chest- TV. Panorama spend the day alternating between staring at Blue's Clues on-demand with a dull look on her face and sobbing because I wouldn't climb into bed with her to watch it. The parenting advice I get from my mother is bad enough- try getting it from a jealous 3 year old. "Just put him in the crib and come play with me. But shut the door so we don't have to listen to him". Lovely.

As I sit here at the airport, I already miss them with a feeling that hits me deep in the gut. But I am soooo looking forward to actually sleeping tonight. Or not sleeping. Whatever- it will be on my terms and not on the command of my 15lb boss.

So far my pre-AU buzz has picked up momentum from light traffic, easy parking and no lines at check in. I was called "Sweety" by both my parking shuttle driver (male) and my prescreening security guard (female). I just finished at the airport spa where I got, if not the best the most thorough, lip-n-eyebrow wax of my life. It better be good- it LITERALLY took longer, cost more and was more painful than the delvery of Prospector two months ago. Hopefully the recovery won't be as long.

Even getting dressed this morning was a delight. I've pulled my EE shirts out of the back of the closet and I've got a new pair of jeans. Say what you will about Kimora Lee Simmons, but the girl can make a pair of jeans. Not only that, but she makes her delightlfully stretchy yet super fashionable jeans in my size- which right now is somewhere in the "gained weight while pregnant and still eating" category. All women need to get a pair. Or ten.

So I'm off to my gate. This year, I'm getting my picture taken with the DWF Spot. He'd better smile.

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Anonymous said...

Consider yourself virtually hugged, sweety.
Couldn't help myself.